Evanston Games & Cafe is your friendly neighborhood game store with a culinary twist, offering sandwiches, salads, and baked goods prepared at local Evanston institution, The Celtic Knot. Products ranging from your favorite board games to role-playing guidebooks to Magic: the Gathering are available for purchase. If you can't find what you're looking for, we're always happy to take your order and give you a call or email as soon as it comes in.

On any given day at Evanston Games & Cafe, you can find members of our community finding new favorites in the free demo game library, congregating after school, or squeezing in a quick game of Magic during a lunch break. Our coffee, free wifi, and comfy seating combine for the perfect co-working space as well! See our calendar below for upcoming events, including introductory role-playing games, Magic tournaments, open board gaming nights, and more. The back room or full store can be reserved for special events such as birthdays or corporate get-togethers- call or email for details.


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Egg Salad

Toasted Cheese

Portabella & Swiss

Grilled Chicken

Corned Beef & Swiss

Soups & Salads

Irish Chicken Soup

Soup of the Day

Caprese Salad

And More

Cupcake of the Month

House Soda

Chips or Crackers

Coffee  ◊  Tea  ◊  Lattes  ◊  Mochas  ◊  Cappuccinos  ◊  Espresso   ◊  Hot Chocolate


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