Pleasant Nonsense: A Sweet Existence Expansion

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    In the Pleasant Nonsense expansion pack for the Sweet Existence game, a few things have changed from the Sweet Existence game. Instead of Existence Squares, you'll have Nonsense Squares that are dreams with unique powers. Perishing is no more. The Consciousness Persists Square is hiding in your Nonsense Squares and prevents you from dreaming so you can't win. Action Squares multiply chances of mishaps, while Sucrose Sweet Disks make for a sweeter victory. Each game includes 1 of 3 possible mysterious object tokens to track the Active Being. The first being to pay for all 3 Nonsense Squares in front of them wins! It's a marvelous, light-strategy party game for current and budding Strange Planet fans ages 13 and up. (The Sweet Existence game is required to use the contents of this expansion pack. Sold separately. Subject to availability.)

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